Accessible Technologies was the first to introduce the tremendous benefits of intercooled centrifugal supercharging to the marine market, over 4 years before others, and has become the proven leader in marine supercharging. ProCharger Marine systems offer absolutely unparalleled performance and reliability for the extremely demanding marine environment, and are available for both EFI/MPI and carbureted applications. As you may know, ProCharger is now available as OEM equipment from many of the leading performance boat manufacturers, and Accessible Technologies now produces more supercharger systems to fit Mercruiser-equipped boats than any other supercharger company.

Unmatched performance for modified applications

Check out our proven MerCruiser 496 systems

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Bolt on 10-25+ MPH running
pump gas

The most powerful, durable and advanced superchargers

Industry-leading 40-75% increase
in power with stock motors

Power gains exceeding 100%,
up to 1800 marine HP, on
modified motors

Coolest charge air temperatures
in the industry

Exclusive 3-year ProCharger supercharger warranty available

The most complete lineup of superchargers and systems

The proven leader since 1996... Experience does matter





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